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Key Benefits of Ultimate Ecom System

Steve Tan has seen his share of success and failure in the e-commerce world. He got his start selling on eBay and then selling on his own store where he made $500k a month. Eventually, he began a Groupon-like startup in Shanghai. It ended up a bust but working 9 to 5 was never his thing so, he had to find another way to pursue his career as an entrepreneur.

While he did this he worked for his parents at a manufacturing plant until he crowdfunded a watch, the Kreyos, in 2012. Unfortunately, the product failed leaving Steve more discouraged than ever. His brother came to his aid and he helped Steve start new online stores which they marketed with the help of Facebook ads. One store earned $360,000 in a day.

Now, the two of them own and operate many online stores where they regularly earn seven figures a month. Steve decided to share his secrets for success through the Ultimate Ecom System training program. (more…)